November 22, 2019

An Alternate Point of View is a website for people who believe in God and want to explore possibilities about what his existence might mean. This is a field generally reserved for organized religion. In many instances, organized religion is more intent on what a person contributes to the financial support of the church rather than what religion contributes to the spiritual support of the person. Doctrine in organized religion comes close but seems to stop short of having real answers concerning salvation. Essays on altview explore relevant spiritual issues without seeking commitment to believe. This is not an effort to start a religious movement. Lack of commitment allows you to investigate and evaluate new visions without interfering with existing faith based on church affiliation.
Philosophy presented is based on the belief that all religions have elements of truth within their various doctrines but none contain complete vision of salvation. Some churches may be closer than others and appear complete, yet upon close inquiry, each religion leaves basic questions unanswered. This website is not a religion bashing forum; in fact, all beliefs from world religions are included at some point as being important to the spiritual understanding of the whole. Spiritual teachings of certain religious leaders throughout the ages are considered relevant.
Spiritual philosophy is not considered while ignoring scientific knowledge. Although science and religion are at odds over the existence of God, neither scientist nor theologian should consider Godís existence without taking into account the findings of the other. Scientific knowledge is considered important to establish a spiritual vision of mankindís ultimate destiny.
Discussions are a blend of scientific and religious themes and claim to be unique in their insight and presentation. Exact quotes of individuals are rarly used. Quotes are often used to supply authority an author lacks. The abuse is using them out of context. Names of persons whose ideas have direct influence will be provided in the text of the essay so that the reader can pursue ideas independent of referential influence if they so desire. This research can easily be done on the Internet and the necessity of not furnishing a long list of references makes the essays more readable. Biblical scripture is quoted from the King James version. Other bible versions are useful for comparison. Scripture recognized by any significant religion is fair game whether it is Muslim, Buddha, Jewish, Hindu, Christian or other religion.
Spiritual philosophy centers on Christian concepts which, by default, includes the Judea Messiah. There is more quotes from those religions than from the other world religious philosophies. The advent of the Messiah is considered from both Jewish and Christian philosophy. This is the most important part of each religion and the views presented concerning in these essays on this advent is the most unique concept in modern times. This concept makes altview a very important website for the next few years.
Risk of presenting fresh views is the obvious clash with tradition. New views attract critics and detractors as well as interested readers. Lack of antagonists signals failure. Criticisms are welcome, but, this is not a debate forum. Generally, theologians tend to preach rather than debate. Other types of input are desired and the means to accomplish this is the comments button in the link section on the top left of each page. Response to this input will take a variety of forms and may not result in a formal reply.
Finally, it is difficult to assemble the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle without a sufficient frame of reference, (such as a picture on the front of the box the puzzle comes in,) and have any idea what the total picture looks like. Yet a major criticism of religion is that theologians tend to present spiritual philosophy with no clear frame of reference. This website aspires to correct the situation. The first essay seeks to establish a frame of reference in an overview to Godís plan for life. It is anticipated that the reader can place the following essay topics together to form a comprehensive picture within that framework and gain a clear vision of this alternate point of view.


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