November 22, 2019

Experts should have convincing credentials so people will know they can rely on what the expert says, especially in this day and age of the expertsia. All of the expertsia have very impressive credentials and as I am challenging the expertsia of organized religion then I should establish some sort of religious credentials. This seems only fair.

The most impressive credentials I could have would be if I were somehow divine, like Christ reincarnate. It really is too bad that Iím not because no one could argue with me if I were. To set the record straight, I am definitely not divine in any manner whatsoever. Do not be confused on this issue.

It would also be impressive if I were an angel sent by God to declare his undying love for humanity and thereby touch some poor soul in their time of trial. Here again I am lacking. As much as I would like to be it can truthfully be said that I am certainly not an angel sent by God.

Perhaps a prophet of God? No, not really. To be a prophet, one should have revelations, speak in the name of God, and make prophecies so people can believe. Since I have never done anything like that then I can honestly say I am absolutely not a prophet of God.

It would even be impressive to be a minister called of God. However, I havenít heard a voice nor felt the spirit in some overwhelming experience. In fact it is almost the opposite. Whenever I listen to those who are called of God to be ministers I am turned off and have no desire to be an evangelist. I am not even a noticeably righteous person.

I do not have a degree from a divinity school. As a matter of fact Iíve never even attended a class at a divinity college. It seems that I cannot establish any credentials for being a religious expert. All I have is a belief in God and a certain understanding (which, according to tradition, appears to be unique) about how Christ, as the Son of God, is the savior of humanity. In essence, it might be said of me, that I am the least of those who can be called Christian.

R. Edwin Hill: Author and main contributor to the Alternate Point of View.


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