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Matthew, Mark, and Luke all record when Jesusí disciples ask Him concerning the end of the world. Reviewing the three versions shows consistency of Jesusí counsel and establishes several salient features concerning the last days. Each records the advice was prompted by concern over the temple destruction. His first admonition was to not be deceived by religious leaders who would speak in his name. He mentions several things that are not signs of the end. Wars, famines, pestilence, and earthquakes are things which must be; however, the disciples are cautioned, be ye not trouble for the end is not yet*. Persecution of his disciples is forecast with the admonition for Christians to endure to the end.

Daniel's prophecy of the abomination of desolation is introduced as the sign of the beginning of the end. Here the emphasis is on suffering of pregnant women or women who have just given birth and is to be the most unique time in the history of the world from beginning to end*. Catastrophic events that change the face of the earth follow the abomination and then Christ comes. Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken. Then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven and all the tribes of the earth mourn. When the sign of the Son of man is given the end is fulfilled.

Parable of the Fig Tree

This parable* addresses the intent of the disciples to know when the end of the world is near. Jesus specifically tells them they will see the sign and know the end is eminent. His advice to watch is not intended to be useless effort. Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come. But know this, that if the goodman of the house had known in what watch the thief would come, he would have watched, and would not have suffered his house to be broken up. Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh. Watching for the abomination is of prime importance to know when the end does actually happen. The question is: watch for what?

In all eschatology there is not a sign of the end mentioned that is so unique a person can see it and know the end is assured. A sign isnít any good unless it specifically relates to the actual time and the sign is reliable. Which war, which famine, which pestilence, or which earthquake is the sign? As far as Jerusalem being compassed by armies, that has been the case for over fifty years. Battles in Israel are not remarkable for being unique. Now is the time to watch for a different sign. Which brings the discussion back to the authorís view of Danielís abomination prophecy as the sign for faithful Christians. However, the difficulty with Christians watching for this sign is that not many individuals are aware of the concept of mysterious stillbirth as the abomination. When unexplained stillbirths start it will be several months before the world becomes aware of an epidemic. Unless enough people understand the idea beforehand the concept will become mired in scientific and religious rhetoric of the expertsia. We need more watchers who are aware of this unique concept.

Whoso Readeth, Let Him Understand

Like war, stillbirths are not unique. Twenty-two thousand normal stillbirths a year in the U.S. are a lot of stillbirths. This is a huge factor in watching for the beginning of the abomination. A stillbirth is a termination of pregnancy in which a live birth does not occur. Failure of some sort in the parent or child organism is cause for the termination. Oftimes the failure cannot be readily determined. This is especially true in premature delivery of the fetus. Generally, when pregnancy goes full term the cause of a stillbirth is apparent because the child organism suffers some defect in either the delivery process or the organismís state. Umbilical cords can be lethal to the child during delivery if it wraps around the neck. Hearts, lungs, kidneys, and other organs can fail the child if not fully developed. Just plain failure to breath is not a normal diagnosis. There is usually another reason for failure to breath. While these are tragic circumstances for parents they are normal stillbirths. Unless the failure to breath cannot be explained so they become mysterious. This fact alone will obscure identification of the abomination. A single unexplained failure to breath is not meaningful enough to sound the alarm. Not until a significant number of stillbirths are baffling will the medical profession recognize the problem and then further delay before the public becomes aware of an epidemic.

Lack of awareness may be overcome if these essays receive more exposure and expand the base of watchers. There is difficulty with promoting the web site. It is not the intention to proselyte readers to believe in the doctrine. This site is not envisioned as a religious movement. Readers may naturally let friends know when a different* website is worth time to visit. A person doesnít have to believe or accept every point of view for them to enjoy the spiritual challenge. What is hoped for is that good people become aware of the essays and grasp the basis for the dogma. People who read the essays for themselves have the potential to recognize the abomination even though they may not initially agree. Spiritual rhetoric isnít appealing to the masses. Therefore, visits to the web site from numerous individuals are necessary to gain a few who are interested enough to become aware of the abomination concept. With special effort a nucleus of readers sufficient to notice the beginning of the abomination could be united.

Few Will Instruct Many

Readers who may be skeptical of the abomination concept can still become aware when an unexplained stillbirth occurs. This website can be a clearing house for such observations. Reporting occurrences to the site may be more likely to alert others watching than waiting for the American Medical Association to announce an epidemic to the public. Verifying each stillbirth as unexplainable may take some effort but is necessary to confirm that something unique really is happening. As the phenomenon is established it will provide a solid foundation for broadening the nucleus of watchers. Skeptics become believers and believers become teachers. This in turn strengthens faith in Christ and provides hope in the resurrection. There can be no better motivation to believe in the immortality of the soul than the impending extinction of mortality. Understanding what is happening during the abomination turns the worst possible situation for the world into a reason to rejoice by the righteous. The tragedy and anguish of parents dealing with the loss of a child is nothing to rejoice about; however, the imminent beginning of the resurrection and the times of restitution is something to celebrate.

And he shall send Jesus Christ, which before was preached unto you. Whom the heaven must receive until the times of restitution of all things, which God hath spoken by the mouth of all his holy prophets since the world began. The times of restitution is the day of the resurrection. All the prophets since the world began have spoken of the times of restitution so the return of Christ must be the most important time for everyone. In a world where spirituality is ridiculed and belief in God is considered Ďthe opiate of the massesí it will be a relief for Christians to discern what science fails to comprehend. To have almost positive proof that everlasting life is possible, will outweigh the uncertainty of humanities future during the tribulation. This then is the promise of recognizing the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel for what it is. Whether a person believes the concept or not, it should make for an interesting watch. And should it happen, then there is hope that soon the evils of mortality will be destroyed. Hope in Christ.

Up Close and Personal

Details of this unique view of the abomination of desolation are a result of almost thirty years study and contemplation. In all that time I have never had a desire to share it beyond a few friendly souls. Circumstances being what they are, I believe conditions ascribed to the abomination will commence in the very near future. If so, how will others understand a concept so repugnant it defies acceptance? Comprehension of the situation is important, at least, according to Christ and Daniel. For us to realize any benefit from such terrible conditions two things must occur. First, understand what is happening, and second, determine exactly when the abomination of desolation begins. More readers of are desired to make it easier to accomplish these two items. This can be done through cooperation between you and I. Whether you believe the doctrine or not, others should know about this doctrine when it happens. To do that we must get up close and personal.

To this end Iím inviting you to help promote readership of In turn, new website features will be added to assist this promotion. An email assistant that will allow you to forward a special bulletin to your friends and acquaintances will be one new feature. The bulletin is designed so that personal beliefs of readers are not pertinent to the message. On request, the bulletin will be sent to your email address. Personalize the message anyway you want to express your thoughts. Forward the bulletin to your acquaintances as you would any other email. If you do this and your friends do this, readership will expand and the number of watchers will increase. It doesnít matter whether you or your friends believe now or not, when you become aware of a stillbirth where the cause of failure to breathe is unknown, you will have the concepts to help you understand what is going on.

An expanded readership base by itself will not suffice to distinguish when the abomination of desolation begins. Time will elapse before the AMA recognizes that the cause for failure to breathe at birth cannot be determined. More time will pass before they acknowledge an epidemic exists and the public becomes aware that humanity is threatened. By that time the exact beginning will be lost in political expediency. One failure to breathe stillbirth is not sufficient to sound the alarm. We will initiate a two-part early warning system. Part one will be a reporting section of the website where you can relay potential unexplained stillbirths to this website. This will be difficult because approximately sixty normal stillbirths occur every day in the United States. Most of these are pre-mature and can be ignored. But even reporting normal full term stillbirths can be confusing. Causes of normal full term stillbirths arenít readily apparent so there is potential for many false reports. Hopefully, investigation will reveal the legitimacies of each report. A form for reporting stillbirths will make the process easier. Verifying, correlating, and summarizing the reports will be worth the effort. If there are sufficient watchers we may be aware of the epidemic months before the general public is informed. When a beginning date is established the time for the end can be determined and a section to the website will be added to recount the situation on a regular basis. First, to confirm legitimate reports and then to review the passage of time to the end.

Let No Man Mislead You

Every aspect of these essays should be questioned so as not to be deceived. Essays have covered major doctrinal topics in the plan of salvation and many minor themes remain that have not been treated. Nevertheless, until there is sufficient interest for additional theses, I wish to take a hiatus in writing more essays and concentrate on other aspects of clarifying what has already been presented. Several questions about these concepts may exist in your mind, which is only natural. I have never been able to explain things so that it is clear to every person. You may be interested and desire a better explanation of some particular concept. To this end a new feature to answer questions will be added to the website. You can submit questions via the comments capability and I will post answers in a Q & A portion of the site. This will provide a means to continue with new material to illuminate the plan of salvation as it has been presented.

There have been many doomsday prophets since the crucifixion that have decried, he is in the desert; or he is in the secret chambers; but, Christ said, believe it not. He may have told us to watch for his coming, but, he also said that no man knows when it will be. Take ye heed, watch and pray: for ye know not when the time is. So why, at this time should we start a special watch for a sign which Christians have never acknowledged? Every year wars, pestilence, famine, and earthquakes seem to increase in intensity. The situation in the Near East seems worse but nowhere near where every nation is against Jerusalem. There is every indication that these things can and will be significant. Yet, there isnít anything about current conditions which signify the end is immediate. I believe the time is here when the real sign of the abomination will be given. It is time for people to watch for something which may just be the only way to determine when Christ will actually come. To me the spirit seems to indicate the time is near, all I can say is let the spirit guide you.

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